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What’s Left In the Root Cellar

Using, not losing, what remains of last year’s harvest.

The Grass is Greener with Organic Lawn Care

What’s there not to like about an organic lawn? It’s relatively cheap and it’s much better for the environment.

Springtime Soil Testing

Testing garden soil for pH and nutrients helps guarantee your growing success.

Indoor Seed Starting Tips

Moisture control, proper containers, and good potting mix are key to starting seeds.

What’s In Your Food? GMOs, Chemicals, And Our Right To Know

New FDA labeling rules include added sugars. And why the bread on that sandwich might taste like a yoga mat.

Brussels Sprout

How to start and grow one of the garden’s most nutritious plants.

Better Pest Management

Companion planting, interplanting, and healthy soil tricks that keep pests away from your vegetables.

Organic Gardening Guru – How to Grow Organically

Grow beautiful blooms and luscious veggies without chemicals! Here’s how.

Vegetable Gardening Guru – How to Grow Vegetables

Simple, effective techniques for growing healthy, nutritious vegetables in your own backyard.

Organic Lawn Care 101 – Lawn Maintenance

The grass is greener — and safer — without synthetic fertilizers and chemical herbicides.

Tomato Gardening Guru – How to Grow Tomatoes

Welcome to Planet Natural’s go-to guide for growing juicy, extra flavorful, organic tomatoes in your own backyard.

Herb Gardening Guru – How to Grow Herbs

“… a handy guide for anyone interested in growing herbs!”