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Cultivated for a millennium, hops are an integral component of one of America’s favorite pastimes: beer brewing!

Growing Potatoes In Containers

How to save space when growing spuds.


Tips and techniques to plant, grow and care for your organic raspberry patch!

Legal Weed and Pesticides

Cannabis samples from pot shops in states that have legalized weed reveal pesticide tainted products.

Holly for the Holidays

Find the right kind of holly for your landscape and grow it!

Bayer and Monsanto Tie the Knot

Global seed and chemical giants merge in effort to control markets, world opinion on pesticides and GMOs.

Tips For Accurate pH Testing

Optimal pH levels are critical to healthy plants and high yields in both soil and hydroponics gardening.

Tips To Keep Your Landscape Green

Healthy lawns and gardens save water, stay attractive. Here’s how to grow green all summer long.

Local Governments Seek To Ban Pesticides, Herbicides

Cities, counties and states take on dangerous pesticides. Why doesn’t Congress take a hint?

Growing the Most Cost-Effective Vegetables

Plant these backyard vegetable crops to save money, eat well.

New Labeling on Seaweed Fertilizer Explained

Gardeners have been using kelp extracts for years, but now the EPA is requiring new labeling on the growth amendment.

EPA Says Neonicotinoids Harm Bees

Pesticide manufacturer Bayer attacks study, then backs down.

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