Xtreme Gardening

Performance Products for Organic & Natural Gardening! The Xtreme Gardening Company developed their inspiration from competitive growers — gardeners that enter contests for the largest fruits or vegetables. Five years ago (2006) was the first time their products were used in this arena, and the largest pumpkin ever grown was produced: a 1,509 lb. pumpkin by grower Ron Wallace of Rhode Island. Every year since, they have been shattering records with their unique products.

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  • Xtreme Tea Brews 1

    Xtreme Tea Brews

    A fresh blend of organic matter that’s chock-full of healthy soil microbes.

  • AZOS Nitrogen Fixing Microbes 1


    AZOS is a nitrogen-fixing bacteria (Azospirillum brasilense) that provides …

  • MYKOS 30 1

    MYKOS 30 (6-4-4)

    MYKOS 30 provides a single, one time treatment for vegetable and flower beds.

  • MYKOS Mycorrhizal Inoculant 1


    This beneficial soil inoculant increases plant biomass and yield by up to 300%.

  • All-Purpose Feeder Paks 1

    Feeder Paks (12-10-10)

    Supplies slow release nutrients to plants for up to 24 months!  Xtreme …

  • CalCarb Foliar Nutrient

    Cal Carb

    Calcium (Ca) is proven to strengthen cell walls in ALL plants and leads to …

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  • Organic Feeder Paks 1

    Organic Feeder Paks (8-4-4)

    Each pack will feed a plant for up to a year assuring maximum output of growth …

  • MYKOS Wettable Powder (WP) 1

    MYKOS Wettable Powder (WP)

    Designed specifically for hydroponic systems. Xtreme Gardening MYKOS WP is a mycorrhizal inoculant (beneficial soil fungus) that facilitates the breaking-down ...