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Strong women building a gentle world. Womanswork started in 1985 as a source for women who needed garden gloves that fit. Their gloves are specially designed for women’s hands — not downsized men’s gloves!

  • Manswork Men's Garden Glove 1

    Men’s Garden Glove

    Sized and shaped for a man’s hands and have careful thought put into them.

  • rose-gauntlet-glove

    Rose Gauntlet Gloves

    Designed for a woman's hands — easy to put on and remove, and offers flexible …

  • Womanswork Bog Glove 1

    Bog Glove

    A latex-coated cotton glove designed to be perfect for use in wet conditions.

  • Womanswork High Performance Glove 1

    High Performance Glove

    Toughtek-reinforced fingertips offer maximum longevity and remain flexible …

  • Womanswork Nitrile Weeding Glove 1

    Nitrile Weeding Glove

    Nitrile coating is non-latex rubber for a delicate finger feel and excellent grip.

  • Womanswork "The Digger" Glove 1

    “The Digger” Glove

    Who wants to feel gloves give way in the middle of a tough job? You don’t!

  • Garden Glove with Arm Saver 1

    Garden Glove with Arm Saver

    Elbow-length cuffs in designer paisley patterns offer you protection from light …

  • Kids Garden Glove

    Garden Gloves

    Get your kids out in the garden with work gloves that really fit! Printed on the back you'll find a ...