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Sunshine GardenHouse

Made in the Pacific Northwest, Sunshine GardenHouses combine top quality components with functional design. Built strong using natural redwood frames and double-wall polycarbonate glazing, it’s no wonder they’re the #1 selling brand in America.

  • Lean-To GardenHouse

    Lean-To GardenHouse

    Designed to attach to the wall of your house or garage — any smooth vertical surface.

  • Mount Hood GardenHouse

    Sunshine Mount Hood

    Built strong with a redwood frame and twin wall polycarbonate glazing.

  • Mount Rainier GardenHouse

    Sunshine Mount Rainier

    Standing 10 ft. tall at its peak and 8 ft. wide, there’s plenty of room for gardening.

  • Patio GardenHouse

    Patio GardenHouse

    Includes two doors, an automatic vent opener, and four adjustable benches.

  • Redwood Greenhouse Bench 1

    Wood Slatted (Sunshine)

    Made with quality redwood, this slatted design is built to last and looks great too!

    $36.95 $32.50