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Located in Bloomington, Indiana, Sunleaves is an employee-owned company committed to creating high-quality, earth-friendly gardening products.

  • Sumatran Bat Guano

    Sumatran (8-3-1)

    Helps plants thrive during growth and smoothly transition into flowering.

    $6.95 $5.50
  • Peruvian Seabird Guano

    Peruvian Seabird (12-11-2)

    Pelletized for less mess and completely free of any chemical additives.

    $7.95 $6.50
  • Worm Farm

    Worm Farm

    Automatically separates food scraps (and redworms) from the finished castings.

    $107.95 $103.95
  • Indonesian Bat Guano

    Indonesian (0-7-0)

    High phosphorous numbers (7%) encourage multiple blooms and hardy roots.

    $9.50 $7.95
  • Jamaican Bat Guano

    Jamaican (0-10-0)

    Top dress around plants to encourage strong root and flower development.

    $8.50 $6.95
  • Mexican Bat Guano

    Mexican (8-1-1)

    An excellent source of nitrogen (8%) that boosts leaf growth and overall vigor.

    $7.50 $5.95