Spray-N-Grow was established as a mail order gardening company in 1982 by Bill and Ethel Muskopf in Houston, Texas. They started their company with one product — Spray-N-Grow, a micronutrient complex that acts as a biocatalyst to provide increased yields, larger fruits, vegetables and flowers, richer, more vibrant colors, higher brix and soluble solids, earlier harvest and healthier plants that are more stress resistant.

Although they knew that they had an amazing product, they never dreamed their company would grow so quickly. The number of gardeners who purchased Spray-N-Grow multiplied as their customers told friends and family about the amazing results they achieved with the product. From 1982 to 1984 Spray-N-Grow experienced tremendous growth.

Today, in addition to Spray-N-Grow, growers can purchase additional products manufactured by Spray-N-Grow, including Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer — an all natural liquid foliar fertilizer and Coco-Wet organic wetting agent.

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