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After experimenting with corrugated plastic and seeing how well tomato plants grew under the material, Mike and Bev Perry (CEO’s of Adaptive Plastics and founders of Solexx Greenhouses) got the idea to use the panels to design a greenhouse kit. University testing verified that the flutes in the plastic diffuse the light and capture it from various angles – accelerating the growth of plants. From there, with their backgrounds in biology and plant science, they set out to design an affordable, strong, and practical greenhouse for home gardeners – the Solexx Greenhouse.

“My greenhouse held through 75-80 mph winds. And during the freeze and snow the temperature came down to -35° C. All my plants are still growing!” – Chris from Ontario, Canada

  • Solexx Conservatory Greenhouse

    Solexx Conservatory

    With the tall 9 ft. 6 in. center height, seedlings to large plants can easily be grown.

  • Early Bloomer Greenhouse

    Solexx Early Bloomer

    Lightweight and portable, you can set the Early Bloomer right over your garden.

  • Garden Master Greenhouse

    Solexx Garden Master

    Tall 6 ft. 6 in. walls provide plenty of room to grow your favorite plants.

  • Garden Oasis Greenhouse

    Solexx Garden Oasis

    Includes a large louvered air vent and is covered with double-walled panels.

  • Harvester Greenhouse

    Solexx Harvester

    Ideal for starting spring flowers, summer vegetables or storing plants for the winter.

  • Solexx Deluxe Cold Frame

    Solexx Deluxe

    Perfect for raised bed gardens! Super-strong and built to use all year long!