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For more than 15 years, Sentinel has been designing and manufacturing environmental controllers with a high degree of accuracy. Because when it comes to growing indoors… there’s some things you don’t want to leave to chance!

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  • Sentinel DRT-1a

    Digital Recycling Timer (DRT-1a)

    With down-to-the-second precision, the Sentinel DRT-1A is designed to control any device that requires a repeating or recycling function. Growers ...

  • Universal Temperature Controller (UTC-1) 1

    Universal Temperature Controller (UTC-1)

    The Sentinel Universal Temperature Controller offers a very reliable and inexpensive way to automate the temperature of a growing area. ...

  • Variable CO2 Generator (VCG-27) 1

    Variable CO2 Generator (VCG-27)

    Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is critical for all plants. Normal atmospheric air around the world averages about 380 Parts-Per-Million (PPM.) When ...

  • Variable CO2 Generator (VCG-6) 1

    Variable CO2 Generator (VCG-6)

    The Sentinel VCG-6 CO2 Generator has two models, the LP (propane) and an NG (natural gas) model. Both come complete ...

  • CO2 Expansion Regulator (CO2-EXP) 1

    CO2 Expansion Regulator (CO2-EXP)

    Sentinel's CO2 Expansion Regulator works with their CO2-REG. When used together, more than 1 tank can be coupled together to ...

  • CO2 PPM Controller (CPPM-4) 1

    CO2 PPM Controller (CPPM-4)

    Are you "guessing" what CO2 level you really have? The CPPM-4 CO2 Controller from Sentinel eliminates guesswork while it controls ...

  • CO2 Regulator (CO2-REG) 1

    CO2 Regulator (CO2-REG)

    Compressed CO2 comes in pressurized tanks or cylinders. The gas pressure must be reduced and controlled in order to accurately ...

  • Environmental Controller (CHHC-4) 1

    Environmental Controller (CHHC-4)

    Welcome to the future... Controlling temperature, humidity and CO2 PPM levels has never been easier. The Sentinel Day/ Night Environmental ...

  • Environmental Controller (EVC-1) 1

    Environmental Controller (EVC-1)

    Temperature... Humidity & CO2. What do they have in common? They're all environmental conditions inside a growing area that need ...

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  • Environmental Controller (EVC-2) 1

    Environmental Controller (EVC-2)

    Sentinel has combined digital temperature and humidity controls together in one flexible Environmental Controller called the EVC-2. It is EXTREMELY ...

  • Power Expansion Modules (PXM-2) 1

    Power Expansion Modules (PXM-2)

    When you need to control larger equipment with higher amperage, the PXM is the answer. Power Expansion Modules increase the ...

  • High Power HID Light Controller (HPH-4) 1

    High Power HID Light Controller (HPH-4)

    When trying to control more than one HID (High Intensity Discharge) lighting system, you can either use a bunch of ...

  • High Power HID Light Controller (HPH-8) 1

    High Power HID Light Controller (HPH-8)

    Just like it's little brother the HPH-4, the Sentinel HPH-8 Light Controller makes it simple to operate your larger garden ...

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