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Organicare — the latest line of plant nutrients and potting soils from Botanicare — is OMRI listed for use in organic production. These highly effective, self-sustaining gardening products contain only natural and organic ingredients so you can feel good about your crop.

  • Botanicare Humega


    A biologically enhanced soil conditioner manufactured from leonardite.

    $12.95 $10.50
  • Organicare Pure Bloom

    Organicare Pure Bloom

    Perfect for outdoor container gardens, raised bed gardens and hydroponics.

    $6.50 $5.50
  • Organicare Pure Grow

    Organicare Pure Grow

    Contains major growth promoters like fish, seaweed, alfalfa and more!

    $6.50 $5.50
  • Pure Earth Potting Soil

    Pure Earth

    An all-natural, high porosity formula specially designed for indoor applications.

    $17.95 $11.00