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Organic Bountea

Developed by John Evans — a competitive gardener with 9 World Records — the Organic Bountea growing system uses compost tea to promote a sustainable approach to soil fertility and plant vitality. Give it a try and bring life to your plants!

  • Bountea BioActivator


    A proprietary blend used to boost the growth of beneficial soil microbes.

    $24.95 $19.95
  • Bountea Brew Kit

    Bountea Brew Kit

    An easy to use, do-it-yourself brew kit containing four very popular ingredients.

    $99.95 $84.95
  • Bountea Fungal Activator

    Fungal Activator

    Formulated to stimulate the growth of beneficial fungal microorganisms.

    $24.95 $19.95
  • Marine Mineral Magic (M3)

    Marine Mineral Magic (6-0-0)

    A natural plant food, soil life enhancer and organic alternative to chemicals.

    $24.95 $19.95
  • Bountea Root Web

    Root Web

    Contains 21 species of fungal spores to strengthen and improve plant root systems.

    $29.95 $24.95
  • Bountea SuperStart

    SuperStart (2-2-2)

    Promotes strong development of seedlings and transplants and revitalizes soil life.

    $24.95 $19.95
  • Bountea Better Bloom Fertilizer

    Better Bloom (1-6-7)

    Naturally formulated to help plants produce exceptional flowering and fruiting.

    $29.95 $24.95