Motomco LTD

The world leader in rodent control, Motomco offers the most “complete” line of rodent baits, traps and bait stations available anywhere.

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  • Agrid3 Pelleted Bait 1

    Organic Mouse Bait

    The first and only Organic Mouse Bait! Kills rats and mice by mobilizing …

    $49.95 $46.50
  • Ant Glue Traps 1

    Ant Traps

    An inexpensive way to capture ants and a variety of other insects without poison.

    $4.95 $3.50
  • Cockroach Glue Traps 1

    Cockroach Traps

    An effective way to capture these pests and a variety of other insects without poisons.

    $5.95 $4.50
  • Tomcat Bait Station

    Bait Station

    Made of heavy-duty, injection-molded plastic to withstand the toughest …

    $21.50 $16.95