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Excellence through innovation. Lumatek Professional Lighting is the #1 supplier of Electronic Ballasts to the hydroponics and horticultural industries worldwide.

  • Lumatek Dual 600 Watt Ballast 1

    Lumatek Dual 600w

    Incorporates TWO 600 watt outputs into one enclosure — 240 volt only!

    $445.95 $314.50
  • Lumatek Ballast (1000 watt) 1

    Lumatek (1000w)

    Now includes Dial-A-Watt technology, plus a SUPER LUMENS switch.

    $359.95 $292.50
  • Lumatek Bulbs 1

    Lumatek HPS

    Designed to work with the higher firing rates generated by ALL digital ballasts.

    $72.95 $39.95
  • Lumatek Ballast

    Lumatek (120/240V Dimmable)

    Produces up to 30% more light output (lumens) while drawing less electricity.

    $143.50 $113.50