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Insect Lore

Kids deserve to know in-depth information about the insects in their world! Insect Lore uses live specimens and oversized models to teach very young children about the complete life cycle of ladybugs, praying mantises, ants, butterflies and more. The company even developed a special habitat to see if Painted Lady butterflies would undergo metamorphosis in zero gravity on the Columbia Space Shuttle in 1999. It worked!

  • Creature Peeper Bug Viewer

    Creature Peeper (3x)

    Get a close-up look at the critter you just caught without having to handle or injure it.

    $9.95 $8.50
  • Big Bunch O' Butterflies

    Bunch O’ Butterflies

    A collection of 18 plastic figurines, each painted to look just like the real thing!

    $7.95 $6.95
  • Big Bunch O' Bugs

    Bunch O’ Bugs

    Young entomologists will treasure these anatomically detailed insects and arachnids.

    $7.95 $6.95
  • Bug Jar - Ventilated

    Ventilated Jar

    No need to go scrambling for a can or cup when you find a really cool insect!

    $6.95 $5.95
  • Ant Life Cycle Stages

    Ant Stages

    These oversized versions of eggs, larva, pupa and adults fit perfectly in little hands.

    $7.95 $6.95
  • Praying Mantis Life Cycle Stages

    Praying Mantis Stages

    A set of four carefully shaped figurines that accurately display each growth stage.

    $7.95 $6.95
  • Ladybug Life Cycle Stages

    Ladybug Stages

    Brightly colored, flexible figures depict each stage of this beneficial insect’s life.

    $7.95 $6.95
  • Live Ant Hill Kit

    Ant Hill

    Watch as they work to create an amazing network of underground tunnels.

    $19.95 $16.50
  • Big Bug Magnifier

    Bug Magnifier

    This 3X magnifying glass makes spying on little creatures easy and fun.

    $12.50 $9.95
  • Big Bug Magnifying Jar

    Magnifying Jar

    Includes a powerful 3X magnifying lens housed in the lid for super viewing.

    $7.50 $4.95
  • Butterfly Net

    Butterfly Net

    Includes a super long handle that makes catching live insects safe and easy!

    $15.50 $11.95
  • Live Lady Bug Land

    Ladybug Land

    Provides a bug’s eye view of this fascinating and very popular beneficial insect.

    $19.50 $15.95
  • Live Butterfly Garden

    Butterfly Kit

    After raising your butterflies, experience the joy of releasing them into your backyard!

    $18.95 $16.50
  • Watch-A-Bug


    Keep your critters close at hand. Includes a see-through mesh canopy and snap lock.

    $6.50 $3.95