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More than 35 years in garden supply business has taught Hydrofarm what’s worth stocking and selling. Their expansive selection of hydroponics and grow room equipment offers customers hours of hassle-free growing. Spend more time producing and less time wrestling with mediocre tools, all carefully selected by this tech-savvy company.

  • Lighthouse 4X8 Grow Tent

    Lighthouse 4 x 8

    You get prime results, a lot of elbow and head room PLUS a 4X8 structure that will …

    $379.95 $361.50
  • Lighthouse 4X4 Grow Tent

    Lighthouse 4 x 4

    Includes heating and venting options with multiple duct ports and drawstrings …

    $224.95 $212.50
  • Lighthouse 2x4 Grow Tent

    Lighthouse 2 x 4

    A completely sealed 2X4 space that’s the perfect size to tuck into a corner without …

    $174.95 $164.95
  • Double Ended Light System

    Phantom (120v/ 240v)

    What’s not to like? Longer bulb life, improved PAR values and more lumens.

    $599.95 $504.95
  • Double Ended Grow Light

    Phantom (277v)

    This new-school setup uses state-of-the-art technology for max output.

    $629.95 $528.95
  • Quantum Ballast

    Quantum (1000w)

    Designed to meet the most demanding requirements of indoor gardeners.

    $269.95 $187.50
  • Nursery Pot

    Nursery Pots

    Stocky design promotes a compact root ball for easy cultivation and transplanting.

  • Phantom-2 E-Ballast

    Phantom II

    Includes Smart Alert Technology which utilizes multiple status codes to keep …

    $330.00 $290.00
  • XtraSun Special

    XtraSun Special

    Get more sun for your dough with our XtraSun Special Combo Kit.

    $295.95 $224.95
  • Heat Mat Thermostat 1

    Heat Mat Thermostat

    Plug your heat mat into the thermostat for constant optimum temperatures.

    $39.95 $36.50
  • Hot House w/ Heated Mat

    Hot House

    Jump start your seeds and grow bigger, healthier starts with Hot House!

    $41.95 $39.95
  • Humidity Dome (2-Inch) 1

    Humidity Dome (2-Inch)

    Use to improve seed germination and the success rate of cuttings. Fits all standard …

  • Mesh Flat (1020) 1

    Mesh Flat

    Use as a stand alone nursery tray or combine with standard 1020 trays for easy …

  • Plant Saucers

    Plant Saucers

    These re-usable plastic saucers are designed to match most standard-sized …

  • Plastic Planters

    Plastic Planters

    Features a formed rim for easy transport and a unique multi-level bottom for …

  • Reusable Plant Markers

    Plant Markers

    Jump Start Plant Markers work with a pencil so they can be erased and used over …

  • Seed Flat (Standard 1020)

    Seed Flat

    Provides sturdy support and will NOT leak — perfect for bottom-watering applications.

    $2.95 $1.95
  • Seedling Heat Mat

    Heat Mat (1-Flat)

    Gently warms the rooting zone to improve seed germination. Fits most …

    $29.95 $26.50
  • Seedling Heat Mat (4-Flats) 1

    Heat Mat (4-Flat)

    Gently warms the root area 10-20°F over ambient temperatures to improve …

    $84.95 $79.95
  • Seed Plug Tray Insert (72-Cell)

    Seed Plug Insert

    A perfect fit when combined with standard flats. Easy to use, just fill with your …

    $2.50 $1.65
  • Seed Tray Insert (72-Cell Square) 1

    Seed Tray Insert

    These reusable Seed Tray Inserts are fitted for standard 1020 propagation trays.

  • Tomato Vine Clips

    Tomato Clips

    Perfect for tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers… any tall crop! Makes it easy to tie …

    $11.95 $8.95
  • Coconut Coir Croutons

    Coco Croutons

    Porous structure allows easy root penetration, yet keeps it shape when wetted up.

    $21.50 $16.50
  • Air Tubing (100' Roll) 1

    Air Tubing (100′ Roll)

    Perfect for use with hydroponic systems, air pumps and air stones too!

  • Black Tubing 1

    Black Tubing

    Flexible tubing attaches easily to pumps using barbed fittings and hose clamps.

  • Megagarden Hydroponic System 1


    The NEW MegaGarden ebb and flow system works by pumping oxygenated …

    $179.95 $157.50
  • Nutrient Hand Pump (30 mL) 1

    Nutrient Pump

    This easy-to-use hand pump delivers exactly 30 mL with each complete …

  • Pro Pumps 1

    Pro Pump

    Includes a washable fine mesh foam pre-filter for reliable clog-free performance.

  • 5 Gallon Buckets 1

    Buckets (5 Gallon)

    Black buckets will keep light out of your DIY hydroponic system preventing algae …

  • AgroSun DaySpot


    Plugs in to any 120v outlet and covers a 24″ diameter growing area when placed …

    $19.95 $16.95
  • Bucket Baskets

    Bucket Baskets

    Bucket Baskets promote healthy root systems by offering even drainage and plenty of oxygen.

  • Disposable Scalpels 1

    Disposable Scalpels

    Includes a safety sheath that protects both the blade and the user from injury.

  • Grow Bags

    Grow Bags

    Widely used by nursery professionals, Grow Bags are now available to the …

  • Heated Germination Station 1

    Germination Station

    Jump start your seeds and grow bigger, healthier starts with the heated …

  • Net Pots 1

    Net Pots

    Reusable Net Pots allow roots to grow through and provides good air circulation …

  • Yoyo Plant Support

    Yoyo Plant Support

    Keep your indoor garden growing upright with these amazing Plant YoYos.

    $22.95 $18.95
  • Drying Rack


    Made of breathable mesh that allows for quick drying and maximum ventilation.

    $43.95 $39.50
  • Hydrofarm Pint Glass 1

    Hydrofarm Pint Glass

    Perfect for all kinds of uses! Hydrofarm’s Pint Glass includes easy-to-read …

    $15.95 $9.95
  • Measuring Cup

    Measuring Cups

    Includes a reinforced handle and no-drip funnel spout so you can pour with …

  • Mini Clippers

    Mini Clippers

    Provide fingertip control for small, intricate cuttings and are made with …

    $5.95 $4.95
  • Precision Pruner

    Precision Pruner

    Made with surgical stainless steel blades, so they hold a sharper edge longer …

    $12.95 $11.95
  • Reflective Metalized Film (Mylar) 1

    Reflective Mylar

    Mirror-like metalized film ensures your plants get as much light as possible.

    $11.95 $9.95
  • Digital Timer

    7-Day Timer

    Features up to eight on/off settings per day with individual day or multi-day settings.

  • Aluminum Duct Tape 1

    Aluminum Tape

    Designed for repairing ducting, taping joints and seams, sealing out moisture …

    $17.95 $15.95
  • Black & White Poly 1

    Black & White Poly

    A waterproof alternative to reflective mylar! Black & White Poly is used for …

  • Black & White Poly

    B & W Poly (10′ x 10′)

    Interested in a waterproof replacement for reflective film? This two sided, heavy …

  • Bug Shield

    Bug Shield

    Keeps dust, insects, mold and mildew from fouling your air cooled reflectors.

  • Y Connectors

    Y Connectors

    Heavy-duty construction is built to last and comes pre-crimped for easy …

  • Curved Garden Pruner

    Curved Pruner

    Made with surgical stainless steel, so it holds a sharp edge longer than other …

    $13.95 $12.50
  • Dual Digital Timer

    Dual Digital Timer

    Features up to eight on/off settings per day with individual day or multi-day settings.

  • Dual Outlet Timer 1

    Dual Timer

    Adds convenience and encourages productive growth with consistent hours of light.

  • Duct Reducers 1

    Duct Reducers

    Ideal for mismatched fans, ducting, air-cooled reflectors and ventilation systems.

  • Light Timer

    Light Timer

    Automatically turns your lights on and off! 15 amp, 24 hour, grounded timer.

  • Extension Cord

    Extension Cord (120v & 240v)

    Available in 120v and 240v, our Heavy-Duty Extension Cord includes a molded …

  • Heavy Duty Timer

    240V Timer

    The Heavy Duty Time-All adds convenience and encourages productive growth …

    $24.95 $23.50
  • 240v Power Cord

    Power Cord (240V)

    This 8′ Power Cord is required with all grow light ballasts using a 240v …

  • Powerhouse Ballast

    Powerhouse MH/HPS

    Use halide for growing and sodium for flowering… all in the same grow light system!

    $300.00 $242.95
  • Powerhouse Ballast

    Powerhouse HPS

    A high performance HPS ballast that runs quieter and cooler than any other …

    $229.95 $162.50
  • Powerhouse Ballast 480v

    Powerhouse HPS (480V)

    The Powerhouse is packed with features that make it the most advanced 480v …

    $319.95 $259.50
  • Powerhouse Ballast

    Powerhouse MH

    Super quiet and of superior quality. With its durable all-aluminum exterior …

    $198.95 $153.50
  • Pro Light Reflector 1

    Pro Reflector

    A lightweight hood that’s designed to deliver the brightest light at a budget price!

    $59.95 $41.95
  • Radiant 6 Reflector

    Radiant 6

    A “super-sized” air cooled lensed fixture with built-in 6″ flanges for straight …

    $189.95 $132.95
  • Radiant 8 Reflector

    Radiant 8

    Bigger, brighter & cooler! The Radiant 8 is a “super-sized” lighting system …

    $189.95 $132.95
  • Radiant Reflector


    Incorporates more performance and design features than any other light …

  • Raptor Reflector

    Raptor 8

    Designed and engineered to offer a bigger, broader and brighter light coverage.

    $249.95 $209.95
  • Light Hanger

    Rope Ratchets

    Excellent for hanging reflectors, filters and other indoor gardening equipment.

    $18.95 $16.95
  • Sunburst Light System 1

    Sunburst System

    This low profile design easily outperforms all other self-contained units on the …

    $209.95 $187.50
  • Reflector Hangers

    SunRise Reflector Hangers

    Features retractable nylon cord for smooth up and down motion (33″ vertical range).

    $15.95 $9.95
  • T5 Fluorescent Bulbs 1

    T5 Bulbs

    Energy efficient T5 Fluorescent Bulbs offer high output light at a reasonable price.

    $30.95 $26.50
  • T5 Fluorescent Grow Light

    T5 Fluorescent Systems (2ft)

    Delivers performance, flexibility and high lumen output in any indoor growing …

    $87.95 $81.50
  • T5 Light System (4-foot)

    T5 Light Systems (4ft)

    Produces more than double the light energy as normal fluorescent systems.

    $153.50 $139.50
  • Tower of Power 1

    Tower of Power

    Offers 6 outlets with enough room to accommodate even the bulkiest timers …

  • Vertical Cord Set 1

    Vertical Cord Set

    Plugs directly into any 120-volt wall or ceiling outlet and does NOT require a …

    $11.95 $10.95
  • Wing Reflector

    Xtrasun Wing II

    Provides good performance at a budget price. Includes a built in cord set and …

    $34.95 $33.50
  • XtraSun 6 AC Reflector

    XtraSun 6

    The Xtrasun series offers excellent performance at a cost effective price.

    $95.95 $84.95
  • XtraSun 8 Air Cooled Reflector

    XtraSun 8

    Solidly built, compatible with all Hydrofarm ballasts, and priced to fit any budget.

    $115.95 $109.50
  • Xtrasun Ballast

    Xtrasun MH/HPS

    Heavy duty two-way switch allows you to choose the light you want to use.

    $179.95 $133.95
  • Xtrasun Ballast

    Xtrasun HPS

    The best in its class! Sturdy and dependable performance make the Xtrasun …

    $159.95 $116.95
  • Xtrasun Ballast

    Xtrasun MH

    Best metal halide (MH) ballast in its class! Provides cool-running and quiet …

    $129.95 $96.50
  • XtraSun Reflector


    A super value! Offering excellent performance at a budget price, the XtraSun …

    $79.95 $65.50
  • Old School Special (1000W HPS) 1

    Old School Special (1000W HPS)

    Take a trip down memory lane when a bulb was a bulb and a ballast lasted …

    $339.95 $220.50
  • Outflow Flanges

    Outflow Flanges

    These 4″ fan adapters are designed to work with most blowers or squirrel cages.

  • Phantom Ballast


    Includes state-of-the-art technology, an extruded aluminum body with cooling …

  • Plug Adapters

    Plug Adapters

    We offer a complete range of receptacle adapters to expand your setup options.

    $9.95 $8.95
  • Vertical Reflector

    45″ Vertical

    The 45-inch Vertical Reflector distributes a broad light pattern over a large …

    $62.95 $51.50
  • AgroSun Full Spectrum Fluorescent Tubes 1

    AgroSun Tubes

    Recommended for seedlings, cuttings and low-light plants like African violets …

    $17.95 $15.50
  • AgroSun Gold Bulbs

    Agrosun Gold

    The best MH bulb for all-purpose growth includes more of the red wavelengths …

    $74.95 $57.50
  • AgroSun Red Sodium Lamps

    AgroSun Red

    The best choice for flowering, crop volume and supplemental greenhouse lighting.

  • All System Cord Set

    All System Cord Set

    The All System Cord Set works with all Hydrofarm reflectors and ballasts …

    $29.95 $25.50
  • Compact Fluorescent Bulb

    CF Bulbs

    Full spectrum ensure proper development and maximum flower production.

    $39.95 $27.95
  • Compact Fluorescent Fixture

    CF Reflector

    May be used horizontally or vertically — inside or outside the plant canopy.

    $74.50 $69.95
  • Compact Fluorescent Grow Bulb

    CF Grow Bulb

    Great for orchids and houseplants. The CF Grow Bulb offers full spectrum …

  • Cool Tube Reflector

    Cool Tubes

    Features a unique streamlined design that allows airflow to move unimpeded …

    $112.95 $94.50
  • Daystar AC Reflector

    Daystar AC

    Features 6-inch flanges for straight through, fan-powered, super coolability.

    $169.95 $118.95
  • Daystar Reflector


    Cool running, compact and lightweight for the ultimate growing experience.

    $129.95 $84.95
  • Digital Light Meter 1

    Light Meter

    For maximum growing efficiency, we recommend checking your HID bulbs …

  • Grow Light Meter 1

    Grow Light Meter

    Includes lighting suggestions for many popular plants. Batteries NOT required.

  • Grow Light Track

    Light Track

    A moving fixture will distribute light more evenly over your plants and improves …

  • Hydrofarm Light Special (Ballast & Bulb)

    Hydrofarm Special (Ballast & Bulb)

    This exclusive offer includes a 1000W Phantom 2 E-Ballast and matching …

    $369.95 $266.95
  • Jump Start Light System

    T5 Light System

    Great for growing young seedlings, cuttings, flowers and house plants!

  • Lamp Cord Extension

    Lamp Cord Extension

    Extend lamp cords an additional 15′ with the Lock & Seal Lamp Cord Extension.

  • Light System Cooling Kit

    Cooling Kit

    Ideal for cooling grow rooms in warm climates or for recirculating warm air …

  • Compact Fluorescent Grow Light 1

    CF System

    Low profile design provides more concentrated light than standard shop tubes.

    $128.50 $84.50
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