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Since 1997, Hydrodynamics International has been providing plant nutrients and clone solutions that are proven to improve the quality of your favorite vegetables, herbs and flowers.

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  • Fossil Fuel Humic Acids 1

    Fossil Fuel Humic Acids

    Europonic Fossil Fuel is made from humic acids that have been fully extracted from leonardite making it highly soluble and ...

  • GreenFuse Bloom Stimulator 1

    GreenFuse Bloom Stimulator

    Super Strength Concentrate. GreenFuse Bloom Stimulator is a highly concentrated, 100% organic plant nutrient supplement blended from pure plant oils ...

    $49.50 $34.50
  • GreenFuse Growth Stimulator 1

    GreenFuse Growth Stimulator

    Super Strength Concentrate. GreenFuse Growth Stimulator is a highly concentrated, 100% organic plant nutrient supplement blended from pure plant oils ...

    $49.50 $34.50
  • Ionic Bloom 1

    Ionic Bloom

    The ultimate hydroponic nutrient solution! Ionic Bloom (3-2-6) is a new kind of nutrient solution, manufactured by a revolutionary process ...

  • Ionic Boost 1

    Ionic Boost

    A nutrient supplement designed to be used in the final few weeks before harvest. Ionic Boost (0-5-6) allows the grower ...

  • Ionic Grow 1

    Ionic Grow

    Specifically formulated for the reproductive stages of plant growth, Ionic Grow Hydroponic Nutrient (3-1-5) is derived from calcium nitrate, potassium ...

  • Mother Plant Nutrients (A & B) 1

    Mother Plant Nutrients (A & B)

    Produce the most vigorous clones possible! MotherPlant is a NEW bio-organic hydroponic fertilizer formulated specifically for stock or "mother" plants. ...

    $15.50 $13.50
  • Nitrozime 1


    Marine Algae Extract. Hydrodynamics International's Nitrozime (0-4-4) is a plant nutrient supplement derived exclusively from a natural form of marine ...

  • Crop Circles

    Crop Circles – Coco Growing Media

    Made from the highest quality coconut coir from Sri Lanka, Crop Circles (a.k.a. Profit Discs) are used by indoor gardeners ...

    $9.50 $7.95
  • Clonex Clone Solution 1

    Clonex Clone Solution

    Formulated using only the highest quality minerals, Clonex Clone Solution encourages rapid root development while helping to minimize plant stress. ...

  • Clonex Gel Rooting Compound 1

    Clonex Rooting Gel

    Seals¬†the cut tissue instantly and supplies the hormones needed to promote root …

  • Clonex Rooting Gel Packets 1

    Clonex Rooting Gel Packets

    The foremost product in its field since its launch in 1989! Used to promote root production on cuttings, Clonex Rooting ...