Hydro Innovations

The experts in water cooling & heat control! Located in Bastrop, Texas, Hydro Innovations leading products excel in the area of temperature control for indoor gardens.

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  • HydroGEN PRO CO2 Generator 1

    HydroGEN PRO CO2 Generator

    Stimulate rapid plant growth without the heat! Hydro Innovation's HydroGEN PRO Water Cooled CO2 Generator uses a water to air ...

  • Ice Box Heat Exchanger

    Ice Box

    A water-cooled heat exchanger that can be used to cool the hot air generated …

  • Universal CO2 Monitor 1

    Universal CO2 Monitor

    NEW from Hydro Innovations, this high quality yet affordable Universal CO2 Monitor features a maintenance-free SenseAir brand gas detector -- ...

  • Heat Shield Duct Covers

    Duct Covers

    Heat Shield Duct Covers insulate your existing duct work against the heat your …