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Architecture for the birds! Heartwood birdhouses, bat houses and butterfly houses are hand-crafted in the USA from premium cypress — the most naturally rot-resistant wood in the country!

  • Ladybug House

    Ladybug House

    Do we dare say, “cute as a bug?” Keep ladybugs around with this handmade shelter.

    $59.95 $51.50
  • Victorian Bat House

    Victorian Bat House

    Function meets style with this one of a kind Victorian Bat House. Holds up to 60 bats!

    $124.95 $89.95
  • Bat Haven

    Bat Haven

    Includes TWO mesh-covered living quarters and will hold up to 48 adult bats.

    $85.95 $66.95
  • Bat Lodge

    Bat Lodge

    Provides a friendly shelter for these misunderstood insect eaters on the fly!

    $67.95 $59.95
  • Butterfly House

    Butterfly House

    The #1 selling Butterfly House in the country. Made of rot resistant cypress.

    $51.95 $44.95