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HANNA Instruments — a worldwide company — has been designing and manufacturing a broad range of water testing equipment for the hydroponics industry.

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  • Champ pH Tester (HI 98106) 1

    Champ pH Tester (HI 98106)

    A simple, inexpensive solution to accurate pH measurements! The Champ pH Tester with ±0.2 accuracy features a rugged and ergonomically ...

  • Electrode Cleaning Solution (HI 7061) 1

    Electrode Cleaning Solution (HI 7061)

    General Purpose Cleaning. To ensure accurate measurements clean the liquid junction of your electrodes once a day or at least ...

  • Electrode Storage Solution (HI 70300) 1

    Electrode Storage Solution (HI 70300)

    For pH and ORP electrodes. To ensure fast response times and minimize clogging, always keep the glass bulb and the ...

  • Gro'Chek Combo (HI 991404) 1

    Gro’Chek Combo (HI 991404)

    The Gro'Chek Combo (HI 991404) from HANNA Instruments continuously monitors the three most crucial nutrient parameters in hydroponic, greenhouse and ...

  • Gro'Chek EC Meter (HI 983302N) 1

    Gro’Chek EC Meter (HI 983302N)

    Ideally suited for horticultural and hydroponics applications, the Gro'Chek EC Meter (with 0.01 mS/cm resolution) features housing and cable connections ...

  • Gro'Chek pH Meter (HI 981401N) 1

    Gro’Chek pH Meter (HI 981401N)

    Housed in a water-resistant case, the Gro'Chek pH Meter by HANNA Instruments was originally designed for the greenhouse and hydroponics ...

  • Gro'Chek pH Stick Tester (HI 981408) 1

    Gro’Chek pH Stick Tester (HI 981408)

    The HANNA Gro'Chek pH Stick Tester is fitted with an extra long and very sturdy pH electrode. The instrument itself ...

  • Gro'Chek pH/TDS Meter (HI 981404N) 1

    Gro’Chek pH/TDS Meter (HI 981404N)

    Compact and easy to install. HANNA Instruments Gro'Chek pH/TDS Meter is ideal for agricultural, horticultural and hydroponics applications where pH ...

  • Gro'Chek TDS Meter (HI 983301N) 1

    Gro’Chek TDS Meter (HI 983301N)

    Easy to use, just hang the Gro'Chek TDS Meter (with 0.7 TDS Conversion Factor) above the sample to be monitored ...

  • HANNA Calibration Packets

    HANNA Calibration Packets (20 ml)

    Made from established formulas, HANNA's Calibration Solutions are standardized against NIST reference solutions. Before taking any measurement make sure your ...

  • HANNA Combo Tester (HI 98129) 1

    HANNA Combo Tester (HI 98129)

    Fast, efficient, accurate and portable! HANNA Instruments Combo Tester offers highly accurate pH, EC/ TDS and temperature measurements in one ...

  • HANNA EC/TDS Tester (HI 98311) 1

    HANNA EC/TDS Tester (HI 98311)

    HANNA Instruments EC/ TDS and Temperature Tester (HI 98311) delivers extremely accurate results with automatic calibration and temperature compensation. Includes ...

  • HANNA pH Tester (HI 98127) 1

    HANNA pH Tester (HI 98127)

    HANNA Instruments pHep4 pH Tester (HI 98127) has a dual-level LCD that displays both pH and temperature (C° or F°). ...

  • HANNA Portable Meter (HI9813-6N) 1

    HANNA Portable Meter (HI9813-6N)

    Ideal for fertilizer solutions! The NEW HANNA Instruments Portable Meter (HI9813-6N) is specifically designed for agricultural applications such as hydroponics, ...

  • HANNA TDS Solution 1

    HANNA TDS Solution

    Produced with high-quality potassium chloride in various concentrations, HANNA TDS Solutions ensure maximum accuracy for conductivity meters and probes. They ...

  • PH Buffer Solution (HI 7007 & HI 7004) 1

    PH Buffer Solution (HI 7007 & HI 7004)

    HANNA manufactures quality pH buffer solutions for a variety of applications. ALL are standardized against NIST reference solutions. Available separately in ...

  • Primo TDS Tester 1

    Primo TDS Tester

    The NEW Primo TDS Tester by HANNA provides a fast and dependable way to measure the Total Dissolved Solids in ...

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