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Established in 1934, Halls greenhouses have established a reputation for high quality and affordable prices. All models come with a 15 year warranty (except Optimum – 10 years) against any defect to the aluminum frame. Polycarbonate panels are guaranteed for 10 years (5 years against hail).

  • Halls Aluminum Greenhouse Bench

    Aluminum Slatted (Halls)

    Available with one or two tiers to make the best use of your available growing space.

    $144.95 $129.00
  • Double Cold Frame

    Halls Double

    Ideal for the cultivation of small plants and vegetables, especially in the early spring.

    $137.95 $129.95
  • Halls Greenhouse Bench (Classic Green)

    Aluminum Slatted – Green (Halls)

    Made entirely of powder-coated aluminum for cleanliness and long life.

    $189.95 $169.00
  • Halls Adjustable Louver Window

    Halls Louver Window

    May be operated manually or fitted with an automatic opener (sold separately).

    $97.95 $90.00
  • Aluminum Greenhouse Shelf

    Shelf Kit (Halls)

    Increases storage space and can be bolted directly to your building frame.

    $74.50 $64.50
  • Halls Automatic Louver Opener 1

    Halls Louver Opener

    Designed to replace the manual opener on all existing Halls windows.

    $79.95 $75.00
  • Halls Automatic Vent Opener

    Halls Vent Opener

    Uses temperature sensitive cylinders that expand and contract automatically.

    $64.95 $60.00
  • Foldaway Greenhouse Bench

    Foldaway (Halls)

    Provides flexibility as space requirements change over the course of the year.

    $109.95 $99.00
  • Halls Greenhouse Base 1

    Halls Base

    This galvanized steel base provides a strong foundation and 5 in. of height.

  • Halls Greenhouse Base (Dark Green)

    Halls Base (Green)

    Made of galvanized steel to provide a stable, trouble free base for your building.

  • Halls Shade Cloth Kit 1

    Halls Shade Kit

    Provides 50% shade to prevent burning of tender seedlings and young plants.

    $64.95 $60.00
  • Magnum Greenhouse

    Halls Magnum

    Double doors allow generous access giving you plenty of room for a wheelbarrow.

  • Optimum Greenhouse

    Halls Optimum

    Combines quality and growing space with an eaves height of just over 6 ft.

  • Popular Greenhouse

    Halls Popular

    Made from maintenance free aluminum and comes with a 15 year guarantee.

  • Single Cold Frame

    Halls Single

    Protects 6 sq ft of growing space and includes TWO hinged sliding vents.

    $84.95 $79.95
  • Universal Greenhouse

    Halls Universal

    Features a robust aluminum frame and uses cast joints in the ridge and eaves.