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  • Final Flush

    Final Flush

    The fertilizer rinse solution! Final Flush removes salts from plants in the final …

    $13.50 $12.50
  • Solo-Tek Bloom

    Solo-Tek Bloom

    A unique one part nutrient designed for use during the blooming/ fruiting stage.

    $26.50 $20.50
  • Solo-Tek Grow

    Solo-Tek Grow

    A one-part nutrient solution that supplies nutrition during the vegetative stage …

    $26.50 $20.50
  • VitaMax Plus

    VitaMax Plus

    Use to improve plant growth and encourage larger blooms, fruits and flowers.

    $22.95 $16.95
  • Heavy Bloom (4-Liter) 1

    Heavy Bloom

    Specially designed to be used during the reproductive stage of plant growth to …

    $52.50 $44.50
  • InstaGreen 1


    Reduces yellowing and produces lush, green color in cuttings, seedlings and …

    $10.50 $9.50
  • LXR Gold (4-Liter) 1

    LXR Gold

    An organic bio-catalyst that aids in nutrient availability and the transport of …

    $50.50 $43.95
  • MM 2000 1

    MM 2000

    A stress relieving supplement designed to promote better plant growth.

    $15.95 $14.50
  • Monster Grow 1

    Monster Grow

    Provides nutrition for valuable plants during peak times of vegetative growth!

    $34.50 $30.50
  • Bloom Fuel 1

    Bloom Fuel

    A flowering supplement designed to be used on all annual flowers, vegetables …

    $18.95 $16.95
  • Blossom Blaster 1

    Blossom Blaster

    A powerful fertilizer designed to increase the number and size of blooms.

    $119.95 $102.50
  • Oxy-Cal 1


    This time-released supply of calcium and oxygen is a life-line for all living …

    $21.50 $19.50
  • Pro Silicate 1

    Pro Silicate

    A potassium silicate solution which can provide potassium as an essential …

    $11.50 $9.50
  • Cal-Max 1


    Use to solve one of the most common nutrient deficiency problems facing fruit …

    $11.50 $9.95
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