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  • AeroFlo Aeroponic System

    AeroFlo 60

    Available with a 40-gallon reservoir and SIX 6′ growing chambers (10 sites each) …

    $1,173.50 $884.95
  • AeroFlo Aeroponic System

    AeroFlo 36

    Available with a 40-gallon reservoir and SIX 4′ growing chambers (6 sites each) …

    $937.95 $708.50
  • AeroFlo Aeroponic System

    AeroFlo 30

    Available with a 17-gallon reservoir and THREE 6′ growing chambers (10 …

    $559.95 $479.95
  • AeroFlo Aeroponic System

    AeroFlo 20

    Available with an 8-gallon reservoir and TWO 6′ growing chambers (10 sites each) …

    $421.95 $321.25
  • AeroFlo Aeroponic System

    AeroFlo 18

    Looking for an aeroponic system with a proven track record? Look no further …

    $429.00 $364.95
  • Rubber Grommets


    Rubber grommets easily snap into place and form a water-tight seal in pre-drilled …

  • Rapid Rooter Plugs

    Rapid Rooter Plugs

    See amazing seedling germination and transplant success for cuttings with …

  • FloraBlend Vegan Compost Tea 1


    Made from a select blend of plant materials plus seaweed and rock powders.

  • Rapid Rooter Mat 1

    Rapid Rooter Mat

    A unique plant starter derived from composted tree bark. Contains 98 cross-cut …

    $24.50 $19.95
  • AzaMax (Azadirachtin) 1

    AzaMax (Azadirachtin)

    Works as well as synthetic insecticides, but without the environmental impact.

  • Azamax Spray Bottle

    Azamax Spray

    This ready-to-make sprayer system features a 360˚ rotational spray bottle …

    $13.50 $14.95
  • General Hydroponics pH-Down 1

    General Hydroponics pH-Down

    To maximize plant growth, the pH of your nutrients should be slightly acidic. Experienced growers consider the ideal pH for ...

  • General Hydroponics pH-Up 1

    General Hydroponics pH-Up

    To maximize plant growth, the pH of your nutrients should be slightly acidic. Experienced growers consider the ideal pH for ...

  • pH 4

    pH 4.01 Calibration Solution

    General Hydroponics Calibration Solution is used to adjust your pH meter to 4.01. Easy to use, just dip your electrode ...

  • pH 7

    pH 7.0 Calibration Solution

    General Hydroponics pH 7.0 Calibration Solution is easy to use! Just dip your electrode into a small amount of the ...

  • pH Test Indicator 1

    pH Test Indicator

    Many experienced growers prefer this test kit to expensive meters because of its …

  • TDS Calibration Solution

    Standard Reference

    Easy to use, just dip your electrode into a small amount of the buffer and adjust.

    $21.50 $19.95
  • Diamond Nectar 1

    Diamond Nectar

    Premium Grade Humic Acids. General Hydroponics Diamond Nectar helps improve uptake and utilization of trace minerals by plants. Promotes rapid ...

  • Flora Bloom Hydroponic Nutrient 1

    Flora Bloom

    Provides nutrients that are essential for a comprehensive hydroponic plant diet.

  • FloraDuo (Part A & B) 1

    FloraDuo (Part A & B)

    FloraDuo makes it possible to obtain a large range of nutrient combinations …

  • Flora Grow Hydroponic Nutrient 1

    Flora Grow

    The most widely used hydroponic nutrient in the world because it is the best!

  • Floralicious Bloom 1

    Floralicious Bloom

    Organic Based Supplement. General Hydroponics Floralicious Bloom (1-1-1) promotes maximum flower size and fruit swelling for heavy yields. Offers phenomenal ...

  • Floralicious Grow 1

    Floralicious Grow

    Organic Based Supplement. General Hydroponics Floralicious Grow (1-0.7-0.6) enhances metabolic activities and nutrient assimilation that results in more vigorous growth. ...

  • Floralicious Plus 1

    Floralicious Plus

    Combines plant, marine, and mineral extracts to create a one part nutrient …

  • Flora Micro Hardwater 1

    Flora Micro Hardwater

    Required for use if your tap water is over 200 ppm (or contains calcium above …

  • Flora Micro Hydroponic Nutrient 1

    Flora Micro

    Provides nitrogen and calcium as well as trace minerals which are essential …

  • FloraNectar Sweetener 1

    FloraNectar Sweetener

    Growing plants convert sunlight, water and minerals into sugar. General Hydroponics has formulated FloraNectar with a combination of minerals, natural ...

  • FloraNova Bloom 1

    FloraNova Bloom

    A specialized nutrient that stimulates exceptional budding and blooming in …

  • FloraNova Grow 1

    FloraNova Grow

    Gives indoor gardeners the strength of a dry concentrate and the ease of a liquid.

  • FloraShield 1


    Plant and System Rinse. General Hydroponics FloraShield uses a unique combination of compounds that will thoroughly rinse systems and plants ...

  • Kool Bloom 1

    Kool Bloom

    Ripening Formula. General Hydroponics Dry Kool Bloom (2-45-28) is packed with the potency your plants prefer in the final stages ...

  • Liquid Kool Bloom 1

    Liquid Kool Bloom

    A highly concentrated nutrient additive, General Hydroponics Kool Bloom (0-10-10) promotes abundant flowering and helps facilitate ripening in annual flowers ...

  • Pineapple Rush

    Pineapple Rush

    The newest flavor by General Hydroponics! FloraNectar Pineapple Rush (0-0-1) will give your plants a sugar rush every time you ...

  • Dual Diaphragm Air Pump

    Dual Diaphragm

    Includes four fully adjustable outputs or valves, allowing the perfect volume …

    $82.95 $72.50
  • EcoGrower Hydroponic System 1

    EcoGrower Max

    The EcoGrower Max uses an air driven “spider” drip system and includes …

    $233.95 $180.50
  • EuroGrower Drip System


    Whether using a soil or soilless medium, growers can use the EuroGrower …

    $616.50 $467.50
  • Flora Kleen 1

    Flora Kleen

    Removes fertilizer residues that can accumulate over time in systems, growing media …

  • MegaFarm Drip System


    Includes a heavy-duty 20-gallon grow chamber that sits on top of a large …

    $386.95 $294.95
  • TNC Water Pump 1


    Moves 1268 gallons per hour through 1-inch pipe thread fittings and has a …

    $183.50 $181.50
  • WaterFarm 8-Pack 1

    WaterFarm 8

    Includes eight individual modules all connected together to one controller …

    $514.50 $390.95
  • WaterFarm Complete 1


    Perfect for growing large plants such as tomatoes and peppers in a small indoor …

    $65.50 $58.95
  • Waterpower Submersible Pump 1


    The WaterPOWER (formely BlueStone) comes with a pre filter and 1 inch fittings.

    $109.95 $107.50
  • Rapid Rooter

    Rapid Rooter

    The optimal air-to-water ratio within the plug matrix causes explosive root growth.

  • SubCulture-B Bacterial Root Inoculant 1


    This proprietary blend of bacteria and trichoderma fungi colonize the root zone …

    $44.95 $39.50
  • SubCulture-M Mycorrhizal Root Inoculant 1

    SubCulture-M Mycorrhizal Root Inoculant

    Greatly increases root mass to enhance growth and yield! General Hydroponics SubCulture-M is a mycorrhizae root inoculant that contains a ...

  • CocoTek Mats (10-Pack) 1

    CocoTek Mats

    Provides support for plant roots that grow through and under the media where …

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