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EZ Clone is the industry leader winning growers’ praise and industry accolades including “Best Aeroponic Cloning Machine” and “Best New Horticulture Product.”

  • EZ Clone System - 128 Site

    EZ Classic – 128 Site

    You can count on the high-quality components to keep on working for years.

    $419.95 $389.95
  • EZ Cloning System - 64 Site

    EZ Classic – 64 Site

    Why wait around for germination to get the premium plants you love?

    $319.95 $299.95
  • EZ Cloner

    EZ Classic – 16 Site

    Takes the tedium and failures out of rooting plants and gives you 100% success.

    $159.95 $149.95
  • EZ Clone Rooting Compound

    EZ Compound

    Easy to use — just dip away! Includes everything you need to sprout healthy roots.

    $12.95 $10.95
  • EZ-Clone Cloning Collars

    Cloning Collars (Hard)

    Engineered to protect and hold your delicate cuttings upright in the lid.

    $17.95 $14.95
  • EZ Clone Manifold 16


    Use to deliver a highly oxygenated nutrient solution directly to plant roots.

    $24.95 $22.95
  • EZ Clone Clear Rez

    Clear Rez

    Designed to keep reservoirs, pipes, pumps and irrigation systems free from build up.

    $19.95 $17.95
  • EZ Clone Air Pump

    EZ Clone Air

    Keep your plants growing strong with improved aeration and CO2 exchange.

    $19.95 $15.95
  • ez-clone-mag-pump

    EZ-Mag Drive

    Produces high flow rates and is safe to use in small or large reservoirs — will NOT get hot.

    $69.95 $64.95
  • EZ Clone Mister

    360 Misters

    Produce a gentle 360 degree spray pattern of super-oxygenated solution.

    $26.95 $22.95
  • EZ-Clone Cloning Collars

    Cloning Collars (Soft)

    Holds and protects new cuttings without damaging tender plant tissue.

    $17.95 $14.95
  • EZ Clone System

    EZ Classic – 32 Site

    Consistently produces a beautiful cluster of roots in less than seven days!

    $249.95 $234.95