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ComposTumbler has made it easy for gardeners to produce a steady batch of compost for more than 40 years. Built in the United States, these “hot composters” are designed for fast decomposition of organic materials when turned daily.

  • Back Porch Compost Tumbler 1

    Back Porch ComposTumbler

    The perfect size if you accumulate less than 2 trash bags of material …

  • Compact Compost Tumbler 1

    Compact ComposTumbler

    Designed for customers that generate 2-3 trash bags of material regularly …

  • Dual Compost Tumbler

    Dual Batch ComposTumbler

    Each of the two 9-bushel drums has individual access for different batches …

  • Original Compost Tumbler 1


    Designed for customers that gather 5 or 6 trash bags (up to 165 gallons) …