The #1 solution for plant growth and bloom. Every award winning CANNA nutrient has been created to offer you the greatest yields possible when using a specific indoor gardening method or growing medium.

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  • CANNA Start 1

    CANNA Start

    A specially formulated one-part nutrient (2-1-2) for seedlings and cuttings.

    $19.95 $16.95


    A powerful marine algae extract that promotes root growth and development. CANNA RHIZOTONIC is rich in vitamins and ensures that ...

    $20.90 $19.00
  • Terra Flores 1

    Terra Flores

    Designed for cultivation in soil and soilless mixes. CANNA Terra Flores is a complete one-part nutrient used to stimulate the ...

    $22.90 $20.95
  • Terra Vega 1

    Terra Vega

    Developed for professional and amateur growers using soil and soilless media. CANNA Terra Vega is a complete one-part nutrient used ...

    $22.90 $20.95
  • Aqua Flores A & B 1

    Aqua Flores A & B

    A professional hydroponic nutrient specially developed for re-circulating water systems. CANNA Aqua Flores stimulates the growth of fruits and flowers ...

    $12.90 $11.95
  • Aqua Vega A & B 1

    Aqua Vega A & B

    A professional hydroponic nutrient specially developed for re-circulating water systems, like NFT or ebb and flow systems. CANNA Aqua Vega ...

    $12.90 $11.95


    100% Organic. BioBOOST is a yield increasing tonic for all cultivation systems and can be applied in combination with all ...

    $94.50 $85.95
  • BIOCANNA BioFlores 1

    BIOCANNA BioFlores

    A 100% organic nutrient developed for cultivation in soil and used during the blooming phase of fast growing plants. BIOCANNA ...

    $30.50 $27.95
  • BIOCANNA BioVega 1

    BIOCANNA BioVega

    A 100% organic nutrient developed for the growth stage of soil cultivated plants. BIOCANNA BioVega is rich in readily available ...

    $30.50 $27.95
  • PK 13/14 1

    PK 13/14

    A mixture of top quality plant nutrients that stimulate flowering. CANNA PK 13/14 contains phosphorus and potassium to promote flower ...

    $7.60 $6.95
  • CANNA BOOST Accelerator 1

    CANNA BOOST Accelerator

    Made from naturally fermented plant extracts, CANNA BOOST stimulates the development of newly formed flowers which ultimately results in fuller ...

    $111.10 $101.95


    A high-quality enzyme product. CANNAZYM contains more than 12 different enzymes to break down dead plant remains in growing media ...

    $30.50 $27.95
  • Coco A & B 1

    Coco A & B

    Often imitated -- never duplicated! CANNA Coco is a two-part (A & B) plant nutrient specifically tailored to the characteristics ...

    $13.50 $12.50
  • CANNA Coco

    CANNA Coco

    A fantastic plant growth medium! CANNA Coco is a 100% organic substrate manufactured from coconuts harvested in India. During the ...

    $22.82 $19.95
  • Coco Slabs 1

    Coco Slabs

    CANNA Coco Slabs are a 100% organic plant medium manufactured from coconuts grown in Sri Lanka. During the production process, ...

    $10.70 $9.95
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