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Bluelab Corporation manufactures reliable pH meters and other water quality testing instruments. Simple and practical, their equipment is the “go-to” choice for both hobby gardens and larger commercial applications.

  • Bluelab pH Probe KCl Storage Solution

    KCI Storage

    Designed to maintain performance and maximize the life of your probe.

    $12.95 $10.95
  • Bluelab PPM Pen

    PPM Pen

    Use to maximize plant health, prevent burn and ensure optimum plant yields.

    $94.95 $84.95
  • Bluelab pH Pen

    pH Pen

    Use to accurately measure your nutrient solution’s acid/ alkaline balance.

    $114.95 $104.95
  • Bluelab Calibration Solutions

    pH Solution

    Made to a traceable standard to ensure accuracy of your valuable equipment.

    $12.95 $9.95
  • Bluelab Combo Meter

    Combo Meter

    All you need for simple and reliable crop management and it’s all within arms reach.

    $309.95 $279.95
  • Bluelab Guardian Monitor

    Guardian Monitor

    Easy to use, just plug it in and place the probes in your nutrient reservoir.

    $394.95 $354.95
  • Bluelab pH Replacement Electrod

    Replacement Probe

    Sensors don’t last forever! Replace them every 12 months for accurate test results.

    $72.95 $64.95
  • Bluelab Truncheon Meter


    It is essential to KNOW the strength of the solution before feeding your plants.

    $144.95 $129.95
  • Conductivity Probe Care Kit

    Probe Care Kit – PPM/ EC

    Your conductivity probe will show lower readings when contaminated or dirty.

    $12.95 $10.95
  • pH Probe Cleaning & Calibration Kit

    Probe Care Kit – pH

    Keep your probe clean! A dirty electrode will affect the accuracy of test results.

    $18.95 $15.95