The largest brand of biodegradable trash bags in the world! Made from GMO free corn instead of polyethylene, BioBags are certified compostable and use no chemical additives to enhance decomposition.

  • BioBag Food Waste 1

    BioBag Food Waste

    Perfect for collecting kitchen food scraps and other organic waste for composting.

  • BioBag Lawn & Leaf 1

    BioBag Lawn & Leaf

    These Lawn & Leaf Bags are made with GMO-free corn and contain NO polyethylene.

  • BioBag Tall Kitchen Trash Bags 1

    BioBag Tall Kitchen Trash Bags

    100% Compostable - 100% Biodegradable. BioBag Kitchen Trash Bags are sized equivalent to regular plastic bags and fit most kitchen ...

  • BioBag Dog Waste Bags 1

    Dog Waste Bags

    Regular plastic bags can take over 100 years to degrade and are NOT compostable.