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Get in the driver’s seat of your greenhouse with Autopilot Environmental Controllers. Lighting, temperature, pumps, CO2, ventilation and more can be managed with hands-off operation using this family of equipment, leaving you to tend the more exciting aspects of your grow room operation. Affordable, durable, precise.

  • Commercial 8 Light Controller

    Commercial, 8 Lights

    Includes 8 plug-ins that can get juice to multiple light setups at once — safely.

    $324.95 $294.95
  • 12 Light HID Controller

    Commercial, 12 Lights

    From one central location, a timer or other device can sync all of your ballasts.

    $439.95 $399.95
  • HID Light Controller

    8 HID Lighting Controller

    Operate up to eight 1000W ballasts – 8000W max – from one time clock or device.

    $209.95 $189.95
  • 4 Light Controller

    4 HID Lighting Controller

    Includes four outlets for running ballasts – no need to change power cords!

    $124.95 $112.95
  • Environmental Controller

    Environmental (DEC)

    Use to manage CO2, temperature and humidity with digital precision.

    $229.95 $209.95
  • Cooling Thermostat

    Day/ Night Thermostat

    Automates heating and cooling equipment with both day and night set-points.

    $69.95 $64.95
  • Recycling Timer

    Repeat Cycle

    Includes two adjustment knobs that make it easy to change the settings.

    $74.95 $69.95
  • Autopilot CO2 Monitor

    Desktop Monitor

    Independent CO2, temp, RH readings are displayed on a high-res LDC screen.

    $134.95 $124.95
  • Analog CO2 Controller

    CO2 Controller (Analog)

    Automate CO2 gas levels with this easy to use and affordable analog device. A great value!

    $294.95 $269.95
  • CO2 Controller

    CO2 Controller w/ Fuzzy Logic

    Automatically keeps CO2 PPM amounts perfectly balanced using stored data.

    $534.95 $484.95
  • Master Digital Timer

    Master Digital Timer (MDT)

    Automate lighting and recycling operations with this precise digital clock.

    $189.95 $171.95
  • Greenhouse Master Controller

    Greenhouse (GMC)

    The best device for automating temperature, CO2 and humidity.

    $604.95 $549.95