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Roots Organics

When gardeners create the products they need most, amazing things happen. The dedicated organic gardeners of Aurora Innovations manufacture excellent growing media and nutrients — like their Roots Organics line — for the dedicated gardener from their home base in Eugene, Oregon.

  • Mega Chunk Perlite

    Mega Chunk

    The exact same product as Foxfarm’s Big & Chunky perlite — only cheaper!

    $49.95 $34.95
  • Precision Perlite

    Precision Perlite

    Perfect for starting seeds, rooting cuttings or adding to any growing medium.

    $37.95 $19.95
  • Roots Organics Big Worm

    Big Worm

    Contains NO chemicals, NO fillers and NO tricks — just natural goodness!

    $55.95 $32.95
  • Roots Organic Soil

    Roots Organics

    A favorite! This ready to use formula is made with only the finest ingredients.

    $27.95 $14.95
  • Marine Green Compost

    Marine Green

    Combines sustainably harvested ocean by-products with aged humus.

    $24.50 $12.95
  • Seabird Guano

    Roots Seabird (0-12-0)

    Fast acting with high phosphorous numbers to encourage huge blooms.

    $10.95 $8.95
  • Super Nitro Bat Guano

    SUPER NITRO (15.5-1-1)

    Harvested using earth-friendly methods… so, you get performance with principles!

    $29.95 $22.95
  • Nitro Bat Guano

    NITRO (9-3-1)

    Encourages vigorous growth and is fast acting for quick results in all plants.

    $14.95 $10.95
  • Phosphorous Bat Guano

    PHOS (0-7-0)

    Carefully sourced for quality and harvested using earth-friendly methods.

    $10.95 $8.95
  • Ancient Amber (Leonardite)

    Ancient Amber

    Leonardite is a rare form of lignite coal composed of ancient plant material.

    $19.95 $14.95
  • Roots Organics Elemental


    Designed to address calcium and magnesium deficiencies in fast growing plants.

    $23.95 $17.95
  • Roots Organics Extreme Serene

    Extreme Serene

    Marine kelp has some of the fastest growth characteristics of any plant on the planet.

    $35.95 $26.95
  • Roots Organics HP2 (Liquid Bat Guano)

    HP2 (Liquid Bat Guano)

    This exceptional liquid bat guano is a specially extracted source of phosphorous.

    $17.95 $13.95
  • Roots Organics HPK (Bat Guano & Langbeinite)

    HPK (Bat Guano & Langbeinite)

    A specially extracted natural source of liquid phosphorous and potassium.

    $19.95 $14.95
  • Roots Organics Player Pack

    Player Pack

    Handcrafted in Eugene, Oregon for gardeners growing in quality potting soil.

    $64.95 $54.95
  • Roots Organics Surge


    Combines a powerful fish base with North Atlantic kelp, humic acid and molasses.

    $20.95 $15.95
  • Roots Organics Trinity


    Specially designed for maximum effect as a plant and rhizosphere catalyst.

    $26.95 $19.95
  • Uprising Bloom

    Uprising Bloom

    A diverse blend of natural and organic ingredients specially made for maximum results.

    $11.95 $8.95
  • Uprising Foundation

    Uprising Foundation

    This formula is very effective when used alone as an amendment or as a top dress.

    $17.95 $13.95
  • Roots Organics Uprising Grow

    Uprising Grow

    A custom blend used to promote vigorous growth in container grown plants.

    $19.95 $14.95
  • Roots Organics Master Pack

    Master Pack (5 ML)

    Interested in giving Aurora’s program a try? Well, here it is at a low introductory price!

    $70.95 $59.95
  • Buddha Bloom

    Buddha Bloom

    A one part organic flowering nutrient formulated for soil and soilless gardens.

    $17.95 $13.95
  • Buddha Grow

    Buddha Grow

    A one part organic vegetative growth nutrient formulated for soil and soilless gardens.

    $17.95 $13.95
  • Coco Chips

    Coco Chips

    Use to achieve the perfect balance between drainage and water retention.

    $18.95 $12.95
  • GreenFields Potting Mix


    Similar to FoxFarm's Ocean Forest, Greenfields uses only top quality ingredients.

    $27.95 $14.95
  • Roots Organics Coco Fiber

    Coco Fiber

    Soak compressed bale in water to expand. One 5-kilo bale makes up to 16 gallons.

    $11.95 $8.95
  • Roots Organics Coco Palms

    Coco Palms

    Premium aged and composted for 24 months and contains a near perfect pH level.

    $27.95 $14.95
  • Roots Organics Formula 707

    Formula 707

    Ideal for large containers and packaged in a ready to use 20 gallon grow bag.

    $48.95 $25.50
  • Roots Organics Green Lite

    Green Lite

    Contains added perlite and pumice for improved drainage and greater aeration.

    $27.95 $14.95
  • Roots Organics Soilless Coco Media

    Soilless Coco Media

    Specifically engineered to promote healthier plants and much greater yields.

    $30.95 $15.95
  • root-pots

    Root Pots

    100% recycled! Fabric allows roots to breathe and water to evaporate more evenly.

    $2.00 $1.75
  • Roots Organics Oregonism XL

    Oregonism XL

    A soluble root enhancer that works best with all fruiting and flowering plants.

    $19.95 $14.95
  • SOS (Sap Off Soap)

    SOS (Sap Off Soap)

    Powerful formula makes it easy to clean up after working with sticky plants.

    $9.95 $7.95