Yellow Jacket (Reusable)

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Yellow Jacket Trap

Hang the RESCUE Yellow Jacket Trap outdoors — wherever there’s a problem! Includes a powerful attractant to draw pests in through holes in the bottom of the trap. Once inside, the trap’s unique design prevents escape and yellow jackets eventually die of dehydration. Attractant refills (10-week) are sold separately.

Unique Features:
• Attracts all major yellow jacket species
• Contains NO pesticides!
• Attractant (included) lasts for weeks without daily maintenance
• Will NOT attract beneficial honeybees
• Recommended by the USDA as well as major zoos, parks and schools

Place traps at least 20-feet away from outdoor activities and at least 20-feet away from known yellow jacket nests. When possible, hang traps in a natural setting, like a bush or a tree. May also be placed on the perimeter of a yard or area where pests are entering.

Grower’s Tip:
Make sure all yellow jackets are dead before emptying. If any are still alive, cover bottom entrance holes and place in freezer for several hours.

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