XtraSun Parabolic

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Parabolic Reflector

Distribute a wide, even light over a large growing area with the Hydrofarm 42″ Parabolic Reflector. While this hood does NOT direct light (and heat) downward to a concentrated area it does have some advantages:

1.) Provides a wide area of coverage from low mounting heights.

2.) Ideal for larger indoor applications, especially when growing in soil. A broad, diffuse light puts less stress on your plants and helps maintain consistent soil moisture levels, which promotes healthier plant growth.

3.) Distributes even light throughout a grow tent and is less likely to burn the canopy as your plants grow taller — heat is directed away from your plants before it is vented out of the tent.

Unique Features:
• Wide even light distribution
• Delivers light to the plants
• Lightweight and easy to assemble
• Built-in socket and 15-foot cord set (included)
• Bulb can be positioned horizontally or vertically

Size: 42″ diameter x 16″ tall

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