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Garden Berry, Wonderberry
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Developed by Luther Burbank, the Wonderberry plant (Solanum burbankii) produces quality yields of blue-purple fruit that is tasty fresh or cooked. Leaves are said to be narcotic. (75 days)

Each packet contains approximately 25 seeds.

Planting and Harvesting Tips:
Start plants indoors 4-8 weeks prior to the last frost of spring. Surface sow or barely cover with soil to speed germination. Keep planting trays warm and do not allow to dry out — keep moist! Transplant outside after the soil has warmed. Space seedlings 1-2 feet apart in all directions.

Fruits turn from green to purple-black when ripe. To harvest, gently roll the berries with your fingers — do NOT pull — and they will fall right off the stem. Flavors are best when cooked with sugar in pies, preserves and desserts.

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