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Stop guessing which pest is bugging you! The RESCUE WHY Trap uses three separate attractants to lure 20 different species of wasps, hornets and yellowjackets. Includes an attractant kit that lasts two weeks — NO extra food bait is required! Replacement attractant is sold separately.

Unique Features:
• Contains NO pesticides
• Attractant included – lasts two weeks!
• Catches queens and workers — spring thru fall!
• Double chambered design keeps insects trapped & lasts several seasons!
• Made in the USA

Instruction Manual – PDF

Add attractant to the top chamber then add attractant and water to the bottom chamber. Hang trap away from human activity (at least 20-feet away from known wasp, hornet and yellow jacket activity). In extreme hot and dry weather, hang in a shady area.

Grower’s Tip:
Adding dishwasher liquid to the water mixture in the top chamber will coat the insects’ wings and make it harder to fly once trapped.

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