VitaMax Plus

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VitaMax Plus

Grotek VitaMax Plus (1-1-2) is specially formulated to improve plant growth and encourage larger blooms, fruits and flowers. It contains macronutrients and added magnesium to aid in the formation of chlorophyll and other essential plant compounds. Use in conjunction with your regular feeding program or as a supplement to individual plants when necessary.

Add as part of your regular feeding program or to each individual plant where necessary. Use once a week up to the last ten days of flowering then discontinue use.

New Plants, Cuttings or Seeds: Use 2 tsp per gallon to enhance seed germination and to acclimate cuttings.

Flowers or Budding: Use 1 tsp per gallon to maximize yields. Apply before blooming or in the early fruiting stage. Use on a weekly basis.

Complete Feeding Chart – PDF format
Grotek Bloom Feeding Chart – PDF format