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Vertizontal Reflector

Excellent for larger growing areas! The Vertizontal Reflector by Sunlight Supply covers a wide swath from low mounting heights. Features a large parabolic shape that can be mounted closer to plants thus increasing light levels.

The Vertizontal Reflector includes the Sun System Adjust-a-Socket mechanism for horizontal and vertical lamp adjustment. The best of vertical – the best of horizontal!

Advantages of a Vertical Reflector:
• Provides a wide swath of coverage from a low mounting height
• Accommodates ALL MH & HPS lamps
• A low mounting height will increase light intensity

Size: 46 in. diameter x 10 in. deep

Advantages of a Horizontal Reflector:
High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps emit light in a 360° ring. A horizontally mounted bulb is often preferred because most of the light is reflected straight down.

Socket Assembly w/ 15′ Lamp Cord – Use with all Sun System hoods that do not come standard with a socket.

Note: Requires Plug Adapter BAASR (sold separately) to work with all of our HID Ballasts.

Purchase a complete light system (Ballast, Bulb & Reflector) and we’ll take 10% off the retail price at checkout.