UFO LED Grow Light

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UFO LED Grow Light

The highest powered LED grow light available! The UFO is the most revolutionary plant lighting product since the inception of HPS lamps. Consuming only 80 watts of power and producing virtually no heat, it boasts light intensity and growth rates exceeding that of a 400W HPS system. Best yet, it can be used in any application — hydroponics or soil, home or greenhouse! Easy to use, just hang it up and plug it in. Includes everything you need to get started and covers up to 9 square feet of growing area.

Unique Features:
• Reduced power consumption – cuts indoor gardening power costs by at least 75%
• Generates virtually no heat
• Ideal for all phases of plant growth
• No setup required – does not require heavy gauge wiring
• 6′ cord between the ballast and electrical outlet
• 12′ cord between the ballast and the lamp
• Extremely long life – 28,000+ hours (that’s 6-years of use, running 12 hours per day!)
• 3-year warranty; 1-year complete coverage, 2-years prorated

Size: 12-1/2″ x 2-1/2″ deep

The UFO LED Grow Light is a simple concept — it uses highly efficient 1 watt LEDs, uses only the exact spectrums required for photosynthesis, and uses wide angle directional bulbs. The 1 watt LED is one of the most efficient light sources in the world (lumens per watt). By using only the spectrum required, no light is wasted. Spectrums of light that do little or nothing for a plants growth, like green light, have been eliminated. Plus, the directional LEDs ensure 100% of the light points downward without the use of reflective materials to direct the light.