Trombone (150 PSI)

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Trombone Sprayer

Great for backyard orchards! The HD Hudson Trombone Tree Sprayer uses powerful in and out pump action to shoot a steady stream up to 25′ high. Also, adjusts to a fine mist for low growing plants and shrubs! Easy to use, just drop the weighted strainer into any pail or bucket to draw solution.

Unique Features:
• Sprays up to 25 feet
• Adjustable brass cone nozzle
• Vinyl hose (6′) with filter draws solution
• Nickel-plated brass pump is built to last!
• Warranty: 1-Year

Size: 35″ long (fully extended)

Grower’s Tip:
To protect yourself from exposure, wear rubber gloves, a long-sleeved shirt/ pants and eye protection. Always mix spray solutions according to product label instructions.