Bird-X Netting

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Bird X Netting

Bird-X is a lightweight netting designed to protect trees and gardens from thieving birds and other pests. Can also be used as a temporary fence to protect shrubs, trees and vegetable gardens from destructive deer. Excellent as a garden trellis, too! A safe alternative to chemicals and reusable season after season.

Unique Features:
• Easy to use — safe and humane
• Protects fruit and berries from birds and garden pests
• Durable 3/4″ polypropylene mesh with U-V inhibitors
• Available in multiple sizes to fit your growing needs


STEP 1: Wrap around or drape over area to be protected (use pole to lift over tree-tops).

STEP 2: Secure netting with twisty-ties (trees) or with garden staples/ stakes (gardens).

STEP 3: To protect seedlings and upright plants, elevate netting 6″ above the ground using stakes, wire, etc.

STEP 4: Roll back netting at harvest time.

Purchase by the case and save! Please call 1-800-289-6656 for pricing.
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