Pickled Pantry

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The Pickled Pantry 1

People come to pickling for so many reasons… Whether you are pulled to it by a passion for all things sour, a need to preserve a truly masterful harvest, or a simple love for the traditional ways, Chesman’s The Pickled Pantry is personal and charming, practical and a comprehensive how-to, just a lovely book to have in your kitchen. Interspersed with an inspiring breadth of recipes are profiles of passionate pickle people and foodways. A particular pleasure is the chapter of recipes for enjoying homemade pickles and for this she pulls in recipes from all over the world — Korea, Germany, Italy, Tex-Mex, the Deep South, China, Holland and France are all delicious contributors. This garden fresh book is illustrated with charmingly painted food portraits. By Andrea Chesman. Paperback, 303 pp.

Key Features Include:
• Fermented and single-jar pickling
• Big-harvest fresh-pack pickles
• Salsas, relishes and chutneys
• Refrigerator and freezer pickles
• A gracious plenty of recipes!

“I opened this gorgeous book on a blustery winter’s day. Two hours later I emerged, inspired and energized. Andrea Chesman has produced a book that makes one pine for pickles.” – Kathy Harrison, author of Just in Case