Lawn Care Manual

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Organic Lawn Care Manual

A Natural, Low-Maintenance System for a Beautiful, Safe Lawn. The Organic Lawn Care Manual is a comprehensive guide for creating a lush green lawn without chemicals and pesticides. The author, Paul Tukey, shows you how easy and economical it is to maintain a lawn – one that’s as lush and inviting as it is environmentally friendly.

Take the chemicals out of the grass your kids play on every day and create the safe, natural lawn your family, pets and friends deserve. By Paul Tukey. Paperback, 272 pp.

Key Features Include:
• Wipe out weeds and beat pests, naturally
• Changing your lawn’s diet
• Start a new lawn or improve an existing one
• Pick and maintain grass varieties that will thrive in your region
• The nearly no-mow lawn

“Tukey advocates the sound practice of caring for the soil first, maintaining that healthy soil makes for healthy grass… truly a great read and a great resource.” – Newsday