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Terro Ant Killer II

The nation’s #1 ant bait for 85 years! Terro Liquid Ant Killer provides fast-acting elimination of all common household ants. Effective because foraging ants that feed on the bait carry it back to the nest where they redistribute it to destroy larvae, other workers and the queen. Complete control may take up to two weeks.

Available size: 2 oz Tube


Step 1: Tear pieces of cardboard from the carton along the perforated lines (small pieces of paper, cardboard or foil may also be used).

Step 2: Apply Terro liquid bait to the cardboard and place product where ants are seen, such as the edges of sinks, tubs, window sills, under food cabinets, along floors and baseboards and in corners.

Product Label – PDF format
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Grower’s Tip:
The active ingredient in this ant bait — Borax — is recognized by the EPA as being among the safest and least toxic chemicals available to consumers — kills ants but will not harm people or pets.

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