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Terro Ant Baits 1

Pre-filled and ready to use! Terro Liquid Ant Baits kill pests outside before they get inside. Patented design keeps the liquid borax from drying out and protects it from the elements. Ants will enter, feed and return to the nest where they will pass on this product to the rest of the colony. Stakes are enclosed for additional security. A full ounce is included in each bait station for maximum effectiveness. Will NOT harm people or pets.

Available size: 6-Pack


Step 1: Remove stakes by pulling them straight out from underneath the cup. DO NOT REMOVE CUP.

Step 2: Push down on the top of the cup, then twist 1/4 turn. The foil seal under the cup will be punctured and the liquid bait will drip into the reservoir in the base. KEEP LEVEL TO AVOID SPILLING.

Step 3: Place stations outdoors close to where ants are found entering your home, or where you see ant nests or their trails.

Step 4: Secure stations to the ground, if desired, by inserting the two stakes provided through the holes in the base.

Step 5: Ants will enter through the holes at the top of the ramps.

Step 6: Monitor regularly for activity, but do not interfere with the stations. Replace Terro® every three months to keep ants from returning. Complete control may take up to two weeks.

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Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) – PDF

The active ingredient in this ant bait — Borax — is recognized by the EPA as being among the safest and least toxic chemicals available to consumers.

Grower’s Tip:
When inspecting your house for ants make sure to look around the following areas:

CARPETS – Most pest ants like to trail under the edge of carpets. Inspect along the walls under the carpet beside the tack strip. A good place to start is in front of fireplaces and sliding glass doors. When foraging ants are found, try to trail them back to their colony.

FOUNDATIONS – When ants are found inside along exterior walls, look for colonies living in the soil beside the foundation.

VEGETATION – Ants like to nest and forage in trails out of sight behind any vegetation which rests against foundations, patios, etc. Pull back the vegetation to look for ants. Attempt to follow foraging ants back to their colony.

GROUND SURFACES – Any item sitting on the ground could harbor a colony of ants. Check under all items, especially those near the foundation.

MULCH – Mulch often harbors numerous colonies of ants such as pavement ants, fire ants, crazy ants and Argentine ants. Rake mulch back from the foundation to check for colonies.

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