Tubes, Daylight (6400K)

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Tubes, Daylight (6400K)
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T5 Fluorescent Bulbs

Ideal for plants, especially during their vegetative (growth) cycle. These T5 Fluorescent Bulbs offer High Output (HO) light at a reasonable price. Full daylight, 6400K spectrum is rated for 20,000 hours of life and can also be used for lighting up a garage — or any work space!

Available in TWO Sizes:
24″ Tubes – 24 Watt HO – 2520 Initial Lumens
48″ Tubes – 54 Watt HO – 5000 Initial Lumens

Available in 4-packs ONLY.

What does T5 stand for?
The letter “T” in the lighting industry represents the shape of the bulb (tubular) and the “5” indicates the diameter in eights of an inch (5/8″).

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