T-Wave Cleaning Capsules

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Eliminate laundry soaps… forever! T-Wave Cleaning Capsules use two types of activated ceramics to enhance the water’s solvency. The activated ceramics greatly increase the power of ionized water to penetrate the cloth fabric, lift out dirt particles and give you clean, fresh clothes without damaging the clothing fibers. Easy to use, just load your washer with dirty clothes, toss the capsules in and start your machine.

Unique Features:
• Hypo-allergenic
• Gentle on fabrics
• Environmentally friendly
• Saves money — lasts up to 700 washes
• 32 oz. Cleaning Booster (included)

Imported from Japan, T-Wave Cleaning Capsules last up to 700 loads (500 loads for front loading machines) and include a 32 oz. sample of Tsunami Wave Natural Cleaning Booster. Perfect for sensitive skin and septic safe. Now with a 3rd capsule for added cleaning power.