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High quality hydroponic & soil plant food. SuperNatural Super Soak (5-30-20) is an acidifier/ buffer which contains the essential macronutrients and micronutrients for a rapid healthy start in the early stages of plant growth. It ensures correct pH adjustment and also allows for nutrients to spread uniformly in the growth medium.

A must for starting seedlings and cuttings in any growth medium including peat pellets, rockwool, terraponics and soilless mixes. Provides a quick and steady burst of healthy growth the minute seeds germinate or cuttings begin to root.

Unique Features:
• pH buffers all growing medium (rockwool, jiffy pots, pet pot, soilless mixes)
• A complete and balanced plant food
• Conditions growing medium quickly, within 20 minutes or less!
• Allows nutrients to spread uniformly throughout the growing medium
• Concentrated powder formula — A little goes a long way!
• Easy to use — One part mix dissolves easily & quickly in water

Available size: 3.5 oz Pack

Apply as directed to soak the growth medium before and after planting or transplanting to ensure maximum food absorption in a stable nutrient solution, even at the root zone. Use during the flowering stage for added buffering. Use on plants showing stress from nutrient lock-out or as a preventative maintenance against such a condition.

Mix 1 tsp per 4 liters (1 gallon) of water.

Soak growing medium for 20 minutes prior to planting. Always fill your reservoir with high quality water first, then add product to the final volume of water and mix thoroughly.

Do NOT use with other nutrients, as it contains everything seeds or cuttings need for a healthy start.

Terra Feeding Program – PDF format
Aqua Feeding Program – PDF format