Super Charger Plant Nutrient

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Super Charger Plant Nutrient 1

Take your plants to a new level of growth and vitality! American Hydroponics Super Charger contains a blend of vitamins, antioxidants, peptides and trace minerals. Provides your plants with the “missing link” not found in standard vegetative and bloom nutrient formulas. Though a plant will grow with the basic N-P-K, it will not achieve its full potential unless you can provide more.

Under normal conditions, plants synthesize their own vitamins. They are present naturally in the plant and are trans-located to where they are most needed. Higher concentrations are often found within the leaves of the plant (chloroplasts, cell walls) where they are needed to neutralize potential oxidative damage. Using Super Charger as a foliar feed delivers the vitamins where they are utilized the most.

Use Super Charger through all stages of growth — from media soak to harvest.

Hydroponics: Use 1 capsule in 30 gallons, every 10-14 days
Soil: Add 1 capsule in 5 gallons of water, every 10-14 days
Foliar: Mix 1 capsule in 1 gallon of water, every 10-14 days