Super Bud Blaster

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Super Bud Blaster 1

Blowout Sale! Offer good while supplies last. Advanced Nutrients Super Bud Blaster (0-52-31) contains an explosive combination of powerful nutrients, minerals and vitamins to help rocket your plants into orbit. This cosmic concoction can be used to create tastier fruits and vegetables and more abundant, colorful flowers.

Super Bud Blaster provides your crop with super phosphates which quickly absorb during the flowering and final ripening stages of bud production. Great for a variety of applications, including greenhouses, outdoors and indoors under artificial lights.

Available size: 500 Gram Tub

Mix 5-10 grams per 20 liters (1-2 tsp per 5 gallons) of nutrient solution to enhance flowering and bud production.

Ingredients: Monopotassium phosphate, di-ammonium phosphate, super phosphate, mono-ammonium phosphate and potassium sulfate.

Also Contains Non-Plant Food Ingredient:
0.01% Thiamine Hydrochloride (vitamin B-1)