Botanicare Strapped (Blackstrap Molasses)

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Strapped - Blackstrap Molasses 1

Give your plants a sticky treat with Botanicare’s newest carbohydrate addition — Strapped. Made from unsulfured, blackstrap molasses, it provides soil growers an alternative to the hydroponic additive Sweet during the final weeks of flowering. Use to increase your crops’ yields and essential oil production. Perfect for use in compost teas and diluted as a foliar spray.

Unique Features:
• Feeds beneficial microbes in potting mixes & soils
• Helps unlock the full potential of fertilizers
• Promotes fruiting/ flowering by increasing potassium levels
• A Sweet alternative for soil feeders
• Large amounts of flower plumping nutrients fill the blackstrap molasses

Dilute 1-2 Tbsp. Strapped per gallon of water as a root drench once per week.

Grower’s Tip:
Do NOT use with aerated or recirculation hydroponic systems that add oxygen to the nutrient solution. Using air stones or aerated systems will cause foaming in the reservoir and could contribute to microbial growth.