Stink Bug (Outdoor)

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Stink Bug Trap

Defense for the Home & Garden! The RESCUE Stink Bug Trap contains multiple pheromones to lure and capture pests from up to 30-feet away. Once inside, the trap’s unique design prevents escape and stink bugs eventually die of dehydration.

Unique Features:
• Traps both males and females, and ALL stages from nymph to adult
• Pheromone attractants are odor-free to people
• 2-week attractant (included)
• 7-week attractant refills (sold separately)
• Contains NO toxic chemicals

The time of year and the stage of the pest’s life-cycle will dictate the optimal placement of the trap.

Spring & Early Summer – Hang in a deciduous tree. After mating, adult females seek out leafy trees to lay their eggs. Other foliage and shrubs can be used if a tree is not available. It is important that the trap be exposed to sunlight and that the “green fins” are touching the foliage. This creates a bridge for the immature stages, which cannot fly, to crawl onto the trap.

Mid-Late Summer – Hang traps around vegetables, fruits and ornamental plants. Place around garden perimeters to draw stink bugs away from protected areas or intercept them before they can enter.

Late Summer & Early Fall – Place traps within ten feet of your house to intercept adults before they can enter. Multiple traps may be necessary to protect homes from all sides.

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