Shirofumi (Organic)

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Soybean, Shirofumi
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Plump green pods full of large pale green seeds that can be substituted for Lima beans. Shirofumi is a vigorous and productive soybean plant. An SSE member reported that a 100′ row produced 38 pounds of unshelled soy bean pods! (80-90 days) CERTIFIED ORGANIC

Each packet contains approximately 50 seeds.

Planting and Harvesting Tips:
Plant these warm weather legumes directly into rich, fast draining soil in spring after the soil has warmed. Sow 2-4 inches apart — one inch deep — in rows 24-36 inches apart. Thin as plants develop to 4-8 inches.

Harvest when full grown and ripe. Look for firm, sizable pods and pinch off with your thumbnail and fingers. Boil for at least 5 minutes before eating — do NOT eat raw!

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